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How to achieve goals in life

How do we achieve our goals in life? How do we stay focus to our goals? You might be twenty or twenty five still young ambitious with a set of goals to achieve in your life but before YOU CAN EVEN NOTICE IT, you are now forty or fifty your dreams start fading away, you haven't achieved any thing.... How can you AVOID THIS FROM HAPPENING? People who are clueless about how the world works, people who spend their whole lives on the outside looking in, use myth as a comforting excuse for their own lack of goal attainment. Some will go even far to blame the position of stars and planets for their failures. Once you spend even a little time with successful people, you'll notice something startling: they all have well defined goals which they focus on. They go after the things they want and nail them like a wild dog chasing a rabbit.

How to write a great professional Curriculum Vitae (CV)

Your CV will be the first impression a recruiter or employer has of you. In a competitive job market, you need a very good CV to succeed in securing your interview. It describes what sets you aside from other applicants and what makes your application special and relevant to that specific job vacancy. This is the first step to secure your job so spend some good time getting it right, remember your potential new employer spends considerable amount of time and resources in the recruitment process and hiring and orientation of new employees is expensive and time consuming. If you put an effort to write a great CV, there is a strong chance that the reader will notice you and invite you for an interview. In this article we take you step by step on how to write a professional CV for your dream job.

Free Professional CV Templates

After reading How to write a CV article, you should get a good idea of the importance of writing a great CV. Without a well laid out CV you are really wasting your time applying for jobs. In this section, there are a few downloadable CV templates in Microsoft word for you to customize for your need. Here you will find template CVs for Matric school leavers, recent graduates, junior positions, somebody looking for internship, P1 or P2, skilled technician, junior and skilled engineer, junior medical doctor etc.

How to write a great cover letter for your CV

Many people are always wondering whether they should write a cover letter each time they apply for a position and the answer is definitely YES. A cover letter together with your CV is part of the tools you can use to market yourself to the prospective employer. You can’t definitely leave out anything that can work on your favor to secure your dream job. A cover letter introduces you and your CV to the recruiter, they will probably read it first before reading your CV. Your cover letter is your first and best chance to make a good impression. The next question is what should be included in the cover letter?

Top 20 Job Interview Questions and Best Answers

After spending enormous amount of time reading job adverts, writing CVs and sending job applications, now you are one step closer to your dream especially if you were applying for your dream job, you definitely do not want to mess that up at this stage so you always need to prepare for the interview. While there is no way of predicting exactly what kind of questions you will be asked, there is a couple of standard questions that tend to always come up. Here are 20 common questions that you can expect at an interview and some tips on how to tackle them.

Learn how to tie a tie

Visual first impression is very important especially during an interview. Your own personal taste in clothes may not always be appropriate for the job. It always safer if you are not sure to wear a formal attire. If you are a male candidate and you have forgotten your high school skills of tying a tie, follow these easy steps in this article and you will make a nice tie for that occasion. 1. Put the tie around your neck after you have buttoned up the top button of your shirt and turned up the collar. The two ends of the tie must be of different lengths. The wide end must hang down much longer than the narrow end

Essential Skills for Entry Level Job Seekers

Just a few years ago a university diploma or degree in hand meant literally a visa for an entry-level job. You wouldn't struggle to get your first job and some even got their jobs before even graduating. Those days are indeed gone. Nothing is more frustrating than spending years at University, graduate with high expectations just to find yourself sitting at home for months if not years looking for your first job and what is even more frustrating is that every employer seems to be looking for experience that you don't have. How do you get experience if you need experience to land a job in the first place? Why are things so tough these days? What skills today's graduates are lacking to get a job easily? What are employers really looking for in graduates?

10 Golden Rules for a Job Interview

As we have read in our previous article, Top 20 Job Interview Questions and Best Answers, there are no real rules that can guarantee you a job after an interview. However, if you can ask recruitment specialists who have interviewed and placed thousands of candidates, they will tell you there are a couple of rules that if broken, will almost always move you to the bottom of the interviewer's list of candidates. This list illustrates just a couple of them and remember as with most rules, use your own common sense and always be honest when answering questions. Follow these few rules and you'll have a great impression at your next job interview.

10 Steps to Find a New Job Quickly

Are you looking for a job and you don't know where to start? Have you tried everything but in vain? Looking for a job is not an easy exercise especially for the youth with very limited working experience and skills. If you have never worked before or you have spent several months without a job, you know what we are talking about here: The frustration, humiliation and hardship of life without a job. So whether you are looking for your very first job, switching careers, looking for another employer or just re-entering the job market after an extended absence, finding a job you are looking for might be a daunting task. How does one get a job in today's age of high unemployment? How do you find those companies who are looking for employees like you? And if you find them, how to you convince them that you are the candidate they were looking for? Here are a few Ten steps that will guide you to find that job you are looking for, how to ace the interview, how to follow up, and more advice on how to get a job.