PCBWay 2nd edition design contest

Are you a maker? An Electronic Engineer? An Electronic enthusiast? Or simply a Hobbyist who like to play around with electronics building some cool gadgets! This is that moment to take pride in being a maker and join PCBWay 2nd Edition of PCB Design Contest where you could win really big by doing what you love the most, designing an outstanding PCB for your nice electronic project!

As with other Electronic Design Contests like Hackaday Prize, this PCB Design Contest aims to provide a platform for hardware hackers, makers, Electronic Engineers, Hobbyists and artists to compete to build a better future with open hardware.

The 1st Edition of PCB Design Contest was successfully organized last year by PCBWay in collaboration with SpainLabs and YoREPARO.

You can see the winners of the 1st edition from the link below:

Here is the Winner List 2017-2018 PCBWay First PCB Design Contest

Due to the success of the 1st edition, this year PCBWay, SpainLabs, YoREPARO and ATMakers are organizing the 2nd edition which is gonna be even better than the first edition. every one is welcome new and former competitors to this 2nd PCB Design Contest.

This time the price money has been considerably increased and they have invited many experienced engineers as judges, such as Ben Jordan Senior Engineer at CircuitMaker, Wayne Stambaugh Senior Engineer at KiCad, Alex Mihailenko Senior Engineer at DipTrace, Anson Bao Senior engineer at PCBWay among others.

The main purpose is to find out the talented electronic engineers and to provide a platform for them to communicate and learn.


PCBWay Design Contest Schedule

The closing for submission is 12 December 2018, so don’t waste time and start submitting your project now to engage with your friends and followers on social media and respond to questions related to your project, as all these can boost up your chances to the ultimate price.


PCBWay Design Contest Price

It has never been better! This 2nd edition has added a new award category to the former only two award category and also comes with more substantial cash prices as compared to the previous edition. The competition has three award categories which are:

  • The BEST Design Award: Winners will be decided by the judges who specialize in electronics and open source hardware
  • The Most Popular Design Award: Winners will be chosen according to the number of Vote score, Likes, Shares, Gerber Download and Orders. There’s a formula that includes every factor on weighted calculation of the result.
  • The ATMaker Award: One winner will be chosen by Bill Binko, founder of ATMakers. His judging would be not only be on PCB design, but how useful the design would be to the AT community.

And on top of the price money, any participant whether winners or not can still win something as every design uploaded to the shared platform will get a 10% commission of the total PCB cost when people order your works.

Join and post your project

To join and post your project is super easy,

1. Start PCB Specification Selection on “ Instant Quote” page and then add to cart.

2. Attach the Gerber Files and submit.

3. Share your project by click “Share & Sell” button.

4. Describe your PCB project. (Choose “Submit subject to 2nd PCB Design Contest” Add Keywords: PCB Design Contest, SpainLabs , Yoreparo , ATMakers )

7 Tips On How To Make Your PCB Entries Stand Out From PCBWay 2nd PCB Design Contest

  1. Choose the appropriate color of soldermask and silkscreen for your PCB project.
  2. In addition to the PCB images generated by our website, you can upload more photos of the project.
  3. The more detailed project’s description is, the better judges and other makers understand it. FYI, it is a good idea to insert a video, currently our platform supports “YouTube” and “Vimeo”.
  4. Open for Gerber download and BOM download.
  5. Frequently share your entries to your social media, some open source forums, allowing more people to vote your entry, like it, download the Gerber file and also place orders for your work.
  6. After uploading your entry, please constantly pay attention to its page. There will be other makers asking questions about your PCB project, and timely responses and multiple interactions will be additional points.
  7. We also encourage you to upload more entries about Assistive Technology (AT) by supporting a special award, “AT Maker Prize”. Hope that more makers could contribute to the promotion of Assistive Technology.

More information about the contest can be found on official contest page below:

PCBWay 2nd PCB Design Contest