achieve goals

Winners chase goals. 
They do, yes. As through their lives depend on them on them achieving their goals. Short and simple.

How do we achieve our goals in life? How do we stay focus to our goals?
You might be twenty or twenty five still young ambitious with a set of goals to achieve in your life but before YOU CAN EVEN NOTICE IT, you are now forty or fifty your dreams start fading away, you haven’t achieved any thing….

Let’s say you own a small business and it’s OCTOBER now!
OCTOBER already! For a lot of companies out there, it’s round about now that all the accountants start getting together and preparing the end-of-year financial statements. Simply put, this is the best time of the year to take stock of all the money that’s come in and gone out in the last twelve months of business. And, importantly more, time to fire under-performers.

So did you make that million bucks you keep talking about? I hope you did. I hope you’re swimming in cash the chad le clos style. But I also know that you probably didn’t. Even if you tried really, really hard and still didn’t make it to a million, i’m going to take my hat off to you for trying, but I’ll still let you in on a little piece of important advice: It’s your fault. Seriously. It is.

Yes, the economy wasn’t great, you didn’t get the loan you asked for, and prospective customers just weren’t ready to sign. All of these are totally acceptable reasons to have a crummy bottom line, I guess. But still, it’s your fault. After you’ve been around the block a few times, you start to notice a few very important things about success.
And the big realization, I’d have to say, is the idea that success is somehow magically bestowed on people in a spontaneous or divine burst of luck and/or being in the right place at the right time. It’s nonsense. It really is. Total nonsense.

People who are clueless about how the world works, people who spend their whole lives on the outside looking in, use myth as a comforting excuse for their own lack of goal attainment. Some will go even far to blame the position of stars and planets for their failures.
Once you spend even a little time with successful people, you’ll notice something startling: they all have well defined goals which they focus on. They go after the things they want and nail them like a wild dog chasing a rabbit. That’s how focused they are” “like a wild dog chasing a rabbit.” write that down.
They’re not stopped by lack of skill, or a lack of time, or a lack of connections in high places. They’re not stopped by lack of start up capital (it’s always better to start small anyway) or feelings of inferiority ( many of the best are entirely motivated by “I’ll show show you” revenge fuel), or lack of education either (drop-outs galore).
They don’t walk around with a poor-me, deer-in-the-headlights look on their face. They don’t whine and complain about how hard it is to succeed, or how government needs to “create more opportunities” for them.

No. They don’t do any of those stuff.
  Nothing other then growing up, taking responsibility and getting
serious about life is going to change your results. Not the latest
self-help book. Not the pastor at your church. Not your Mom and Dad.
And certainly not the government. Only YOU can do this.
Only you can force yourself to grow up.

You see, we each have only have one ticket in life and you’re already on the ride. It’s moving right now. It doesn’t start at some future point, when we’re all finally ready to grow up. The game is NOW. This very moment.
Don’t ever allow yourself to forget that.