PCBWay is always passionate about STEM education and a desire to provide a platform for hardware hackers, makers, Electronic Engineers, Hobbyists and artists to compete to build a better future with open hardware.

They have organized several activities in the past like the PCB Design Contests , Soldering Contest, Students and Educators sponsorship programs with free PCBs etc. Now there is another chance to get your child interested in STEM through this Hack Summer with your Kids and stand a chance to win an Arduino Uno Rev3 board.

The ultimate price is not in the actual price itself but that moment you are going to share with your child designing a cool electronic gadget, soldering it together and testing it.

Hopefully your kids are getting a great education in science, technology, engineering, and math at school, but chances are those classes aren’t enough to instill a lifelong interest in these fields for most kids. As parents, however, there are a lot of easy ways we foster a greater love of learning and exploration in STEM subjects in our children and this activity could definitely be one of them to ignite that spark of love for technology.

Summer is coming with its blazing sun and leisurely holiday. How would you spend the summer holiday with your kids? Go to the beach? Have fun at Disneyland? Or just stay at home to take a break or spend just some few hours  with your loved one doing an activity together that could impact their future. This is where PCBWay comes in with this simple soldering activity.

Soldering Kits

If you can design the kit yourself, Great! But if you can’t or you need something simpler that children will love, don’t worry there are kits in the PCBWayer Bazaar, you can get them just by adding them into your order package, kits like the award winning in the I CAN SOLDER KIT, the Flashlight shown on figure below and the ArduinoFlake just to name a few.

Figure 2: I can solder Kit 2019 Gold

Figure 2: I can solder Kit 2019 Silver

This Flashlight kit is simple to teach a kid how to solder and see the result immediately by switching ON and OFF the light. Steps by steps instructions, circuit diagram and how to use the components are described with each kit.   If you need something different, they have a collection of many amusing gadgets which are exactly designed for kids to inspire their passion for the technology. Please have a look at these 10 brilliant kits on the link HERE!


How to Participate?

It’s simple to participate:

  1. First get some soldering kits
  2. Solder the kit together with your kids and share this amazing moment on social media, either record a video or take some few pictures and share them on your favorite social media platform like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Add hashtag #HACKSUMMER and @PCBWay. If you are on these 3 social media platforms, you are welcome to share on all of them.
  3. Three winners will be selected on 1 September 2019, 1 per social media platform according to the numbers of likes, shares and comments. So start now and share the moment with your friends and family to make your child proud. The prize is Arduino UNO Rev3.

Looking forward to witness this unforgettable summer holiday proudly sponsored by PCBWay a China Shenzhen-based manufacturer specializing in PCB prototyping, small-volume production and PCB Assembly service all under one roof with more than a decade experience with quick turnaround PCBs at a very budgetary price.

You can learn more about this activity by visiting their website on:

Hack Summer With Your Kids to Win Arduino

or watch this video: