Developing a new electronic hardware product and bring it to market it’s not an easy task for entrepreneurs, there are a lot of steps involved which requires completely different types of skills. Unlike releasing a software, if you are a software developer with necessary skills you could work on your software project alone or with a small team from conception to market with little outside assistance.

As an entrepreneur, inventor or just a small business, you will soon realized that bringing your hardware to market it’s completely different to software, here are some few steps you might consider with your first prototype:

  • Design the Schematic Circuit Diagram
  • Design the Printed Circuit Board (PCB)
  • Develop the Firmware/Software if you are using a microcontroller in your design (which is often the case these days)
  • Enclosure/Mechanical design
  • Certification

As you can see if you are just an entrepreneur with no technical skills or even if you are an electronic engineer, it’s quite difficult to have all the skills to bring your product to market such as electronic design skills, Schematic layout and PCB design, microcontroller programming, various knowledge in product certifications and molding/3D printing for your enclosure.

In most of the cases you might need a third party company to support you in one or more areas. Instead of looking for many different companies, Now PCBWay cooperates with professional teams and other third-party partnering companies to offer you a brand new innovation service to give a fully-functioning solution and bring your ideas to life, all from one roof.

Now they can assist you to get your product designed then they can manufacture it for you.

PCBWay services is a China Shenzhen-based manufacturer specializing in PCB prototyping, small-volume production and PCB Assembly service all under one roof with more than a decade experience. They offer quick turnaround PCBs at a very budgetary price. Thousand of engineers, students and hobbyists are using their PCBs for their daily work and study. Here are some of their services:

  • PCB Prototype
  • PCB Assembly
  • SMD-Stencil

For more information please visit their website:

PCBWay third-party services

You can now get further services with PCBway third-party service covering a wide range of services like:

  • PCB Layout and Design: They use different PCB design software to meet your needs: Altium Designer; Cadence Orcad or Allegro; Eagle; KiCAD, which provides very high level PCB design files and full 3D CAD design output capabilities
  • Industrial Design: Their industrial designers can help you develop the concepts for manufactured products. The projects include not only development of style and appearance of a custom-made enclosure, but also its structural design and manufacturability analysis. We prepare documentation for each device’s subsequent mass-production
  • Electronics Development: Cooperating with professional electronics product design companies, they supply a comprehensive range of electronic design and development services to a number of international clients. Through established and successful partnerships, their clients benefit from a cost effective, fully integrated electronic solution for the complete development of their products
  • 3D Printing: Work with their team of 3D printing and design experts to reinvent the way you produce jigs and fixtures, rapid prototypes, tooling, on-demand parts and low-volume production runs. Their powerful 3D printing technology that produces highly accurate and durable parts that are capable of being used directly in end-use products.
  • Box Build Services: Not only PCB assembly, but also a complete solution including mechanic assembly, software installation and supplied in packaging material. They control the entire process from procurement of mechanical parts to meet any customers expectations in terms of quality and reliability
  • Mold Design and Manufacture: Injection molding is the preferred method for manufacturing plastic parts. So they add the plastic and metal injection molding service here to meed your needs. Their plastic injection mold manufacturing expertise enables them to design products that are easy and cost-effective to produce
  • Product Life-cycle Management: They’d like to help you manage all data relating to the design, production, support and ultimate disposal of manufactured goods, and even develop a promotion and sales strategy and introduced a product to the market
  • Software and Firmware Development: Their embedded team can provide you with a complete range of embedded software and firmware development services, and use the extensive embedded firmware design knowledge to fully optimize your application. Whether it’s hard real-time performance or the least resources available, their team has extensive experience with common embedded platforms and operating systems. Embedded implementations include Linux; Lightweight schedulers; Custom kernel drivers and Application development (Assembly/C/C++).

It only takes one minute to post the project, and provides you with a full set of services from demand to after-sales service, everything can be submitted online with a click of a button.

To achieve all these, has partnered with certified third-party companies worldwide that can assist you with your design. Here are some of the partner companies:

For more information and to submit your design request, please visit the Electronic Product Design page on PCBWay website: